Week #2: Prime Circle

So for Thursday evening fellow (unofficial) 52Weekers Jaques and Janine booked a table an arms-length distance from the stage to see Prime Circle rocking at the newly(?) renovated Boston (ex Boston Tea Party) in Menlyn, Pretoria. Being very familiar with Prime Circle we obviously entered with high hopes, and we were not disappointed. What a treat it turned out to be.

Prime Circle Guitarists  Prime Circle Bass Guitarist

I’m going to break the rules of 52 a little and tell you about the first surprise of the evening – another band named “Scarlet Box” who opened for Prime Circle. Wow! Hello! Blow me away! The lead singer has an amazing voice – powerful, strong, violent and beautiful. She really puts everything into it. The passion showed is almost tangible. She literally sings her pink panties off. This band is definitely one to watch out for. I’ll wrap up by saying that this four-piece did enough to earn themselves their own week on 52Weeks in the near future.

Moving to the real highlight of the evening, Prime Circle was the band we were all here to see. They kicked off in a mellow mood – their plan was to play a chilled acoustic set for the crowd.

It was probably about half way through the first song that lead singer Ross realised that acoustic was not what the band wanted to do that night, and probably not what the audience were waiting for either. They shoved the acoustic idea back in the guitar case and picked up the pace to get the crowd worked up (which didn’t take much).

Prime Circle Drummer  Prime Circle Lead Guitar

I was impressed with Ross’ ability to communicate with the audience – the interaction quickly turned from stage/audience to a conversation between a good rock band and a venue filled with their adoring fans. We were also given a quick rundown of what the band were up to, including details of an upcoming DVD, and a trip to London in June.

Fortunately for Prime Circle a sound issue on vocals that hurt Scarlet Box’s first song slightly had been resolved and we could enjoy crystal clear sound from the band’s now not-so-acoustic set. The atmosphere at Boston became electric as the band moved through their hits, climaxing with a rocking “Live this Life” at the end of the evening. This multi-skilled four-piece group of musicians are true professionals and great entertainers. As the set wound down the audience remained hungry for more, and so the band happily jumped back on stage and gave us all a teaser of some new material for an upcoming 3rd album.

Good work Prime Circle!

Quality of sound: 8.0
Rockstar rating: 9
Overall rating: 8.5

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Why 52weeks? Cos “find a girlfriend” seems so trivial when you’ve got beer and rock music!

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