Gig tres…

Well, we’re into week number three, 49 to go.
At the current rate I’m going to have to change to 100+ weeks very soon.

The next gig to host the 52 Weeks roadshow will be on Saturday 20 May at Nile Crocodile in Pretoria.
The bands set to be playing are Epicure, Far Beyond Driven and Subrosa.

The band we’re reviewing? Not too sure yet, but it looks like Far Beyond Driven might just steal this week.

On a side note it looks like I’ll also be at Foundry Fly Lounge to see Misericord, Dubway and Knave tonight, so maybe, just maybe I change the whole plan and review one of them instead.

Ah, the power of being the decision maker in this little exercise. Maybe I’ll give it to the band that rewards our party the best.
I am open to bribery – this is South Africa after all…

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