Week #4: The Sasha Lee Band

The Sasha Lee Band
Having previously praised the Sasha Lee Band earlier in March this year, it’s difficult to come out with a new original review that does not echo my previous sentiment, especially because this trio is not slipping in the least. I’ll try and add more, but best you read my original review too.

I screeched into HiFlyerz slightly before ten on Friday evening, just in time to catch the last drumbeats of the band’s first set, and just in time to steal my share of the champagne that JP had won by, well, I’m not sure, but he claims he was just going wild and that it was a reward. JP then flashed a CD he had just won in my face too. I suspect he did something a bit more that he’s not telling me. Anyway, I’m going to have to steal that loot for my 52 Weeks souvenir sale.

Guitarist - Sasha Lee Band
The band returned a little later to great expectations on my part. I was not disappointed. The Britney Spears-esque “I Love Rock and Roll” was, well, wow, and sexy too. Soon followed a cover of “Paint it Black” that would in actual fact urge you to paint the town red. This was the point where things started to get a bit crazy. Yes, our group of 52 Weekers now found themselves the proud winners of a second bottle of champagne. And so we sipped (gulped!) champers to a stirring cover of U2’s “With or without you”.

There were some new song covers in the mix – notably No Doubt’s “Just a Girl” – which were graciously accepted by the somewhat stoic and older crowd. Sasha Lee probably needs to learn to interact with the audience a bit more to get them responding earlier on in the evening (she really is shy – you can see it!!), but I guess the focus is music, not conversation, and their music certainly does get the audience responding.
Sasha Lee
Music, and well, the third bottle of champagne we won.

Drummer - Sasha Lee Band
Speaking of their music, this was in fact what I really wanted to hear. During one of the breaks I heard one of their songs playing (off their CD), and I looked to the stage, expecting to see them on stage. Yes, I had recognised an original song of theirs that I’d heard previously. And then I found myself subconsciously willing them back on stage so that they would play the same song live.
There’s only one explanation: Desire like that can only be driven by good music.

This three piece is a really polished act. What’s more, their sound equipment seems without fault, even at a relatively dodgy venue such as Flyerz. The lead guitar work is tight, the drumming even tighter, and Sasha Lee’s vocals are amazing.

Oh, and I have to mention it here again: “Zombie”, their Cranberries cover, just rocked.

Sasha Lee's Feet
Quality of sound: 8.0
Rockstar rating: 9.5 (hey, Chick Rock rocks!)
Overall rating: 8.25

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Why 52weeks? Zombie.

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