Phosphene Dreams

Black AngelsThe Black Angels – Phosphene Dreams

I must admit I don’t know much about this band – but saw a review about this album that prompted me to give it a listen. And I’m hooked. NME labeled the album as Stoner Psych rock – and that is exactly what it is. As such. When I listened to the album I immediately thought it’s a mix between Black Mountain and Wolfmother – and with a bit of reading discovered that Phosphene Dreams have been produced and mixed by Dave Sardy – the guy that produced Black Mountain and Wolfmother, so if you like either of these bands this album is a must listen.

Rocking Psychedelic Phosphene (a sensation of light produced by mechanical or electrical stimulation of the retina, as by pressure on the eyeball through the closed eyelid) Grooves. So, where’s the mushrooms? Fiddle Dee, Fiddle Dum.

Still quiet

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