Sneak Peeks at the New R.E.M. Album

March 8 will see the release of R.E.M.’s latest album ‘Collapse into Now’, and interestingly, this will be their final contracted album on the Warner label.

If you’re sitting back and going “Whatever, REM blah blah blah dead old boring…” you’d better sit up and take note. Guitarist Peter Buck calls it “song for song, the best thing we’ve ever done”, with bassist Mike Mills agreeing it’s “our best record since Out of Time”. That’s a hefty statement when you consider the masterpiece that Out of Time is.

Here’s a taste of ‘Collapse into Now’:


And ‘Mine Smell Like Honey’

With material like this, prepare yourself for the unleashing of a generation of never-knew-R.E.M.-before fans. R.E.M. is certainly doing what they do best on “Collapse into now”.

Not convinced? Have a listen to “Oh My Heart”, the first track I heard from the album. It should do the trick.
[audio:|titles=Oh My Heart]

I’m intrigued to hear how the album includes Patti Smith and Eddie Vedder (among other guest artists) – that could be the swivel point that puts this album on high. I can’t wait to get my hands on this record.

You can find more good coverage of R.E.M. at NPR Music.

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