Sporting a sometimes-subdued indie-pop sound littered with twinkles of xylophone, Cults is making inroads into the indie scene with their self-titled debut. This is syrup-coated candy-flavoured music with subtle undertones relayed by the inclusion of voices and words of cult leaders and members like Charles Manson, Patty Hearst and Jim Jones.

This is no Katy Perry rhyming “epic fail” with “ginger ale“. This is well thought out, detailed and cleverly contrasted music providing the perfect accompaniment to driving the long road in the hot sun to somewhere that ends with “Beach”, or the perfect album to go to sleep to after watching an episode of Dexter.

Give it a listen, you might just get hooked on this cult.

Cults – Abducted by cultscultscults

Cults – Go Outside by cultscultscults

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