Next gig…

This Thursday (11 May) I’ll be at Boston Tea Party in Menlyn to see Prime Circle. Post a comment if you’d like to join the party.

Week #1: Movie 55

They weren’t my first choice as a band to open up 52weeks, but they’re a well-known and popular group all the same. Movie55 played a good performance at High Flyerz last night. Having seen them before it wasn’t going to be easy to not be biased, and in fact it probably counts against them in my review, but here’s my take on the band all the same: They’re all good at what they do, the lead singer is an entertainer, … Continue reading

Ready to Rock

So after a month of stalling, finally is on track for launch. The desire: Expose South African Rock. The medium: Weblog. The mission: To see and photograph 52 unique original South African Rock acts in 52 consecutive weeks. The start date: 4 May 2006 The end date: 4 May 2007 The sponsors: (Ahem!) (Unofficially: Amstel Lager, Sony Cybershot, Dunhill Infinite, Citroen and Truworths Man) Can it be done? Subscribe to our feed to see when things kick off.

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