Week #26: Tonight We Die

Cape Town is traditionally a sloow city, with a mouwntihn, that’s like  the shape of a table, dude, and like, they have ocean, or like, two oceans really, and some beaches and fishes dude. This contrasts drastically with the prospering metal and rock fan base being developed by bands such as Tonight We Die – bringing a striking diversity to the personality of the Mother City. Of course to prosper further Tonight We Die headed up to Gauteng to entertain the real rock fans who live in Pretoria, the City of … Continue reading

SABlogAwards – Best Music Blog

52Weeks is in the running for a Blog Award in the category of “Best Music Blog”. Remember, 52weeks is 100% focused SA music content. If you feel there is anything noble about our efforts, please vote for 52weeks – give it a bit of the recognition I think the site deserves. Simply click on an image below to open the voting site, and be sure to fill out a correct confirmation email address to guarantee your vote gets through. Thanks! Rock on. Why 52weeks? For the love … Continue reading

Week #25: My Favourite Weapon

I think the photo’s say it all about My Favourite Weapon. They’ve got a punchy, punky metal sound. Their high-paced, energetic performance is visibly enjoyable to them, and their contagious enthusiasm shines through in their fantastic stage attitude.   Smiles all around from the band members show that these guys love jamming. From start to finish their performance as part of Punk Rock 101 at Tings was a blur of energy. My only criticism can really be that in a way it felt a … Continue reading

Week #24: The Kick

So we’re bouncing around the gigs to make up some time and try and keep things flowing here at 52weeks, so here (in a somewhat strange, back to the future style manner) is week 24 – The Kick at the Blues Room. Say hello to some solid old-school rock ‘n roll, with a splash of blues, where the sound of the guitar is what matters, full stop. Oh, and if you want to you can throw in some vocals. If … Continue reading

Week #23: Fokofpolisiekar

Shoowee, these reviews are running far behind. Best we play a little catch up here… A mad and excited crowd welcomed Fokofpolisiekar to a rowdy gig at Maloney’s in Hatfield. There are few english words to describe the brilliance and energy of these Afrikaans rockers. They’ve done what many thought was unachievable – creating vibrant, popular Afrikaans rock that is actually musically worth something. Over the past few years their sound has matured into a distinctive and complex product that … Continue reading

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