Week #17: The Slashdogs

There’s something big growing in South African rock music, the revival is on in a big way. The proof? Well, how about seeing two of the old-skool SA rock bands playing gigs in one weekend? The first revival was Leek in a reunion gig alongside Fuzigish, the Slashdogs and My Favourite Weapon on Friday at the Blues Room. The second event was Jo Day, the unofficial SA rock princess queen playing at Zeplins on Saturday. When there’s this much variety … Continue reading

Week #16: The Hellphones

Bringing together a fusion of upbeat, energetic indie rock ‘n roll and cheeky, cryptic lyrics belted out by a distinctive gravelly voice, The Hellphones are the band of the moment. And a band for the future too. Every single guitar note, drum beat and tambourine splash begs a response from your feet, and their live performance is nothing short of brilliant. We were treated to The Hellphones at their CD launch at The Blues Room in two guises – that of the … Continue reading

Week #15: Southworld

Southworld are an intense, heavy rock outfit with crazy, beaty riffs and suitable vocals to match. Every single song has a tightness and solidity to it that screams of professionalism and pure talent. It didn’t take much to get excited with this band doing their thing on stage. The use of two lead guitars (ala Fokofpolisiekar/The Narrow) once again gives the music a wild intensity and majesty that begs attention. Their music itself is straight out of The Narrow’s playbook, but when seeing the … Continue reading

Week #14: Synapse

So I was a bad, bad 52weeker and took a “pseudo-week-off.” Too many birthdays, another Scarlet Box/Evolver/Parlotones gig, and a desire to showcase both bands from a gig at Nile Crocodile, lead me to technically skip a week, but not actually. Hey, whatever. I make the rules in this place anyway. We arrived rather late on a cold Saturday evening at Nile. It was dead empty. Of course it was Oppikoppi weekend, so emptiness was to be expected and I just hadn’t mustered up … Continue reading

Week #13: Greenacre

Well, I think that’s quite enough media-wh0ring for Scarlet Box, which makes it time to kick back and relax to the subtle, snappy, folk rock stylings of Greenacre. (Disclaimer: I have a loose affiliation with this band through mutual friends) Greenacre have targeted a different genre of rock music, and seem to pull it off with great success. The first appeal of this band is their unusual use of a frontman to warm the crowd up with a mini stand-up comedy … Continue reading

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